How to make the CRM work for your sales teams

I was first introduced to the words Customer Relationship Manager in the nineties. It is a concept which focusses on supporting the profit chain through creating a seamless customer experience. By sharing information and ensuring transparency of relevant information to all front line staff, a customer will get a consistent approach at each touch point. Or at least this was the objective. The systems built for enablement are as you will already be aware called CRM systems. These days such systems can be overcomplicated and confusing. In some organisations, they could be used more effectively, and in some, they could be implemented more effectively. Considering the potential benefits of a CRM to the success of a business, I'm surprised how little attention is paid to 'getting them right'.

5 Things to help you to build a better rapport with the gatekeeper

Building a rapport with gatekeeper is an essential part of the sales process. Here are 5 things to do that will help you to build a better rapport with your initial contact on the phone so you can qualify and maintain good immediate relationships with the prospect

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