We can design a bespoke training solution that is completely role relevant and in line with your specific objectives. this can include how to get the most from sales tools that you have invested in to make your sales process more effective. Here are just some of the headline topics you may want to explore with us;

Account management;

Planning the management and growth of exisiting accounts using analysis tools as shown on 'the wise sales cycle.

Cold calling;

Planning a strategic approach to prospecting. Qualifying, handling objections, control of the opportunity and managing the progress from first contact through to appointments with decision makers.


Identifying variable and concessions. Preparation and conduct. Effective body language and verbal skills during negotiations. Tools to ensure a win:win outcome.

Conducting successful meetings;

New ways to plan and conduct a meeting underpinned by simple yet effective tools.


Providing techniques that will eliminate the fear and instill confidence in presenting to large or small audiences.

Objection handling and closing;

Understanding what they are, why they are there, and how to overcome them effectively.

Retail sales skills;

The application of sales skills to a retail environment. We can turn service into sales through some simple yet effcetive techniques that can be applied by any retail advisor.

Telephone sales skills;

How to building that all important initial trust over the phone and hence retain your customers attention long enough to sell. Structure and close.