The Wise Sales Cycle

In the centre of this cycle you will recognise the three basic parts to a sale; 

  • PRE – SALE

The lighter bubbles surrounding the core represent the areas where sales people should be focusing their efforts; 


  • Planning is about utilising the resources that available to you and researching the potential within your pipeline.
  • Realistic is about being efficient with your resources especially time, and effective application of your research.
  • Expectations is about being proactive about your value proposition and managing the outcome of your approach.


  • Rapport is about creating a mutual trust.
  • Explore is about understanding both parties short and longer term agendas.
  • Add value by expressing the relevant benefits and about knowing how and when to express these.
  • Decisions have to be made. This step is about knowing where you stand so you can plan ahead.


  • Understand the potentials, opportunities, strengths and threats to your accounts with respect to;
  • Your relationships with the account
  • The trends, internal and external.
  • Your targets

The darker circles around the outside represent factors to be considered when working in each part of the sale. 

PRE – consider what information you have, how best to approach this person, who to approach, when and with what objective

READ – it’s all about building a partnership by selling yourself first

POST – Forecasting and targeting growth in an account should consider external and internal influencers and inhibitors. This tool can help to analyse your accounts, identify potential and set SMART objectives to grow esach account effectively.