A ‘Radial workshop’ takes delegates through a 360° learning journey that radiates around the specific learning concept of ‘plan do and review’. These sessions are strategically designed to help delegates to become more self aware of their current skills or behaviour and then work to improve on them. This type of delivery is particularly effective when developing the skills of very experienced or senior members of a sales team in specific tasks in which they are very confident, and not wholly aware of their own development needs. So we start by providing the delegates with more self awareness of their skills by asking them to ‘do’ what they would currently, in the relevant task. Then we facilitate a ‘review’ of the task to show them the impact of their current skills and areas where they could improve on their performance. The trainer will then add some theoretical learning to help them to ‘plan’ a more effective approach to the task. Following that we would ask them to ‘do’ the task again but this time applying the new knowledge. Each time this pattern of events is repeated the delegates will improve on effectiveness.

The diagram below summarises this workshop;

Radial Workshop


  • Creates a non patronising learning environment for more experienced delegates.
  • Encourages the will to change skills or behaviour.
  • Provides opportunity to experience how the learning improves effectiveness.
  • Can be used for live on the job coaching
  • Immediate transfer of learning