We understand that taking people out of the work environment for more than a day or two is a large investment for any business. This is why we designed the ‘Accelerator’ training approach. In summary this is a series two hour to full day sessions that focus on one skill or behaviour at a time. Following each training session delegates are asked to implement the change or new skill into the workplace and the impact is evaluated before and during the next session. Each session is designed to build on the last and it is ideal for a mix and match training solution where you may wish to train different delegates on different skills and where you have the need to change, form or reform habits. The program is preceded by a half day ‘ignition’ session to engage and inform the managers of the program content and provide them with all the tools to coach and support the delegate action plans in the field. This is to ensure transfer of learning.  

The diagram below explains the way in which this is structured;

Accelerator Training Structure

Time scales for sessions and number of sessions will vary to optimise learning.


  • Deliverable in short sharp sessions so you can avoid peak operation periods
  • Each session focuses on one objective at a time so it’s easier to make step by step changes in behaviour.
  • Evaluation is on going through the program so you can start to measure impact immediately
  • Managers can play a vital role in implementing the learning
  • The program is flexible so you add on more sessions if you feel you need to maintain the momentum
  • More than one program can be delivered in parallel so you can ensure all your staff are trained simultaneously.