Eliminate gatekeeper objections

22 October 2015

When discussing training for sales people, this is one subject that sales managers always bring up. It is fair to say that it scares sales people. Gatekeepers seem to be getting better at turning sales people away. ESpecially in larger organisations where they are used to receiving lots of cold calls everyday. Continue reading...

Cold callers - Would you listen to you?

20 October 2015

One of the most disliked part of a sales persons role. Sales people will try really hard at getting customers interested in listening to them. They try everything from the hardest scare tactics to the most soft and gentle non intrusive (I don't mean to disturb you) calls. If you are a telesales cold caller, who this resonates with then it's time to reinvent yourself. If you're not sure then ask yourself this, "would you want to listen to you?" and if you are hesitating to answer that then please read on. Continue reading...