Improve your hotel reviews

02 August 2016

Hotel staff and how they can have a negative impact on customer experience regardless of how beautiful the hotel building and interior is. The staff in a hotel can make or break it and not enough hotels are paying attention to this very simple fact! Continue reading...

How you can improve footfall to sales conversion rates

12 February 2016

Today I popped out to buy a valentines gift for my loved one and was really surprised at how few sales assistants actually cared that I was in their store. Especially seeing that I was the only one in the store at the time. This is not the first time I have experienced this. In fact today I experienced it in two out of three stores. This has to be affecting footfall to sales conversion measures; Continue reading...

Don't let your customers walk away!

26 October 2015

I really want to support people who work really hard to get things off the ground. Organising an event and then drumming up participants to pay to attend is not easy. However there is nothing more frustrating when all that hard work is lost at the event! Continue reading...

Turn waiting into selling

22 October 2015

Waiters are so crucial to the reputation of a business and to the customer satisfaction which then leads to reviews. There are so many great waiters out there who do go out of their way to ensure a good experience is had by their guests. Though it is also important to train your waiters to sell. The waiters who sell while they wait are very good at it because they get the balance between selling and service just right. Continue reading...