How can you add value to what you offer?

02 February 2017

Quite often in sales we hear and talk about the word value. So I thought it might be worth just sharing a few of my own thoughts that might help sales people to think further about how they integrate the meaning of this word into their sales process; Continue reading...

Build better more sustainable customer relationships

26 February 2016

Rapport and respect: Which is more important and which should come first? Two different questions with possibly two different answers. I often hear sales people tell me that their role is about 'relationships', and about keeping the customer happy. I would imagine most of us in sales would agree. Though what does it take to keep a customer happy and maintain a good relationship? Continue reading...

Planning can turn a very good sales person into a great sales person

26 January 2016

Administration is probably one of the most hated parts of a sales persons role, by a sales person next to cold calling. Many sales people put planning into that 'admin' category and this is where they could be short changing themselves. I really think that planning is key to a sales persons success. I believe that planning can turn a very good sales person into a great sales person.. Continue reading...

Train the trainer programs are not for managers

10 November 2015

If you are looking for a train the trainer program you should know this..... Continue reading...

Training reviews matter

10 November 2015

Securing your training investment. Is it really that important to do a follow up after training? Continue reading...

Turn waiting into selling

22 October 2015

Waiters are so crucial to the reputation of a business and to the customer satisfaction which then leads to reviews. There are so many great waiters out there who do go out of their way to ensure a good experience is had by their guests. Though it is also important to train your waiters to sell. The waiters who sell while they wait are very good at it because they get the balance between selling and service just right. Continue reading...