How can you add value to what you offer?

02 February 2017

Quite often in sales we hear and talk about the word value. So I thought it might be worth just sharing a few of my own thoughts that might help sales people to think further about how they integrate the meaning of this word into their sales process; Continue reading...

Are you just too subservient?

02 August 2016

Having trained sales people and sales managers for nearly 20 years now I do wonder if sales people, who are noted for their confidence among peers and colleagues, are just too subservient to customers. I believe being professional does not mean being subservient; Continue reading...

Improve your hotel reviews

02 August 2016

Hotel staff and how they can have a negative impact on customer experience regardless of how beautiful the hotel building and interior is. The staff in a hotel can make or break it and not enough hotels are paying attention to this very simple fact! Continue reading...

Negotiating or Bartering - how to do it with confidence!

30 November 2015

These two words are often used in selling. When I ask sales people what they understand by each of these words I get the feeling that the word 'bartering' has a less preferred meaning that negotiating. Salespeople tend to explain bartering as a behaviour that is less professional than negotiating. However I believe that both have their place in professional selling. Continue reading...

Don't let your customers walk away!

26 October 2015

I really want to support people who work really hard to get things off the ground. Organising an event and then drumming up participants to pay to attend is not easy. However there is nothing more frustrating when all that hard work is lost at the event! Continue reading...

Help us to buy with more confidence

20 October 2015

Make it easier for shoppers to buy by creating a way that we can visualise your product in our home, on our shape or to our outfit. It's far easier for us to make decisions when we can see the product in situ. 'visualise the dream' as they say. Continue reading...