How you can improve footfall to sales conversion rates

12 February 2016

Today I popped out to buy a valentines gift for my loved one and was really surprised at how few sales assistants actually cared that I was in their store. Especially seeing that I was the only one in the store at the time. This is not the first time I have experienced this. In fact today I experienced it in two out of three stores. This has to be affecting footfall to sales conversion measures; Continue reading...

Tips for Selling to resellers

16 December 2015

Selling to resellers has always relied on a sales persons ability to influence the reseller to endorse, push or promote the sales persons brand or product over the competitors. in some situations the product could be the same and the only differentiator is the sales person. I can write a lot about this but here's a short version of helpful tips; Continue reading...

Retail vs Internet

19 October 2015

I sometimes find retail assistants extremely reactive to browsers. Especially if its a retailer who has a lot of success on the internet. Electrical goods for example. Continue reading...

Man creche to encourage more shopping

19 October 2015

If major high street department stores could help to encourage our male partners to want to come shopping then, we girls would probably spend more time buying and less time wondering about it. Continue reading...